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Alpha female dating relationship

(") In 2344, Will and his father went on a fishing trip. Kyle admitted that by the time Will was twelve, his skills were superior.

Will was able to hook a large fish, but Kyle insisted on reeling the fish in. Will did not know that the only reason he always lost was because his father used illegal hachidan kiritsu moves.

The Starfleet Judge Advocate General investigated the Pegasus incident, but the survivors participated in a coverup.

The Judge Advocate General discovered evidence of a mutiny aboard the Pegasus before its destruction.

Riker was the only bridge officer to defend the captain, picking up a phaser and instigating a running firefight all the way to the escape pods. Once safely away, Riker and the others watched as the Pegasus apparently exploded, killing the remaining seventy-one personnel.

Although Pressman commended Riker for his unquestioning loyalty, over the years Riker began to have doubts about whether he had made the right decision.

While further investigation was recommended, Starfleet Intelligence declared the entire incident classified and no followup was ever conducted.

This initial trauma created a rift between the two Rikers which lasted thirty years.(") Fresh from the Academy, Riker was still somewhat serious about his work.Loyalty and obedience to his commanding officer were top priorities.( Riker's commanding officer on the Hood was Captain Robert De Soto.His service aboard the ship was exemplary, despite an incident where Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to transport into a hostile situation on planet Altair III.

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Riker's ears were still ringing with words like Duty and Honor.