Dating your sister

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If your bro has ever made a move on your sister or even joked about how hot he finds her, then his sister is open and fair game and there should be absolutely no confrontation regardless of whether or not your successful in your attempt.I feel like this one goes without saying, but I also feel obligated to list it off here so bros everywhere know that once the line has been crossed, there’s no going back. If you’re the one who opens fire and hits on his sister, then you’re leaving him the option to go do the same to your sister.In most cases, bros should be able to laugh about this kind of stuff if they’re in college or in their mid-20s.The time to get pissy about protecting your sister has long passed. Boyfriend What better time to hit on your friend’s sister and let her know how you’ve always felt about her then when she has a boyfriend? First, if the boyfriend gets pissy, your friend can have your back and let him know you were just kidding — no harm, no foul.Basically, any time when there’s alcohol and a celebration involved.You have to remember: after high school and/or college, the number of interactions you have with this girl are going to be few and far between, so take advantage of every opportunity you get because life’s too short and by the time you see her next, you may be in a committed relationship with your bachelor days far behind you. “Not Just Another Notch In the Old Belt” She’s not going to be just another notch in the old belt.

OK fine, maybe you still are drooling over her, but here’s a guide to understanding why making a move on your friend’s sister may not be as big of a deal as it once seemed: Comedic value You’ve always joked around about how hot she is so your friend has to be well aware of the fact that he’s the bro in the group with the hot sister.

Freedom of Expression As I already mentioned, the chances you end up bringing home your friend’s sister are pretty slim, but it’s still worth it to just let it out and express how you feel about her rather than suppress it. You’re not a psychopath; you’re a healthy, All-American bro.

Don’t let your old attraction to your buddy’s sister weigh on your mind too heavily.

You may know a lot about her, but you’ve got to look at her as a stranger.

The minute she’s put up on a pedestal, it’s all over.

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As long as it’s just you making a move and her shooting you down — more than likely the result I hate to break it to you fellas, then it can be played off as something completely innocent and everyone in the room can laugh about it. It’s also worth noting that none of the potential drama between you and your friend that we discussed in reason No.