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Once they did meet in real life, it took just weeks for them to declare their love for one another, including stopping Rebecca at the airport and convincing her to elope, Vegas style.

You probably know this incredible lady better as Natalya, one of the most famous female wrestlers in the world.

But ever since 2014, she has been married to Daniel Bryan, and they even had their first child together this year, a beautiful baby girl called Birdie Joy Danielson.

Naomi is another one of our WAGS who found fame on reality TV show Total Divas, after becoming a professional wrestler herself.

She married Bo Dallas in 2014, who also comes from a family which is known for it’s strength, as his father is Mike Rotunda himself. The couple have two gorgeous kids from the marriage, one boy and one girl whose names are Kendyl and Caydn.

The other half of the Bella sisters, Brie Bella is also a professional wrestler, and a model and actress too. Apparently, Brie used to have a relationship going with a different kind of celebrity altogether, a musician who played guitar for Poison – Richie Kotzen.

He was married before, but he and Bess seem to be making it work, with 15 years of their relationship behind them already. We’ve heard on the street that Big Show won’t be working for too much longer, so the couple should get more time to spend with one another before too long. We certainly remember the Olympic medallist’s public split in 2008.

Let’s turn our attention to a different kind of wrestler for a moment, an arm wrestler!Her and Jimmy have been married since 2014, and are forever saying adorable things about one another, with Naomi recently telling the press that Jimmy is her best friend.Laurel has made a name for herself as an Impact wrestling star, and now for her relationship with Zack Ryder.See how they look now and what they’ve been up to, aside from the occasional smackdown.A real movie-worthy love story, the history of this couple deserves to be on the big screen!

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