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"It's not a foregone conclusion," said Scott Keough, chief marketing officer, Audi of America.Beyond sales Last year, Teleflora's Super Bowl ad aimed at getting consumers to buy flowers for Valentine's Day.He particularly enjoys stories that have a pop-culture element to them, but that doesn't preclude him from being open to all topics. A Texas man who merged onto the highway one morning found himself in the middle of a police chase.In E-Trade's case, in addition to the 19 million looking at outtakes from the ads, it saw a 19% increase in online applications in the week after last year's game aired compared with the average number of online applications in the first three weeks of the year.And the company saw an 86% increase in unique prospective visitors to its site in the week following the game.

The decision, like most things in advertising these days, comes down to return on investment for the outlay, which can run up to million per 30-second spot. " asked CEO Bob Parsons at Go Daddy, a five-time Super Bowl advertiser. But we're so far from that." 250 TV ads combined So what's the ROI on a Super Bowl ad?Traffic to the company's website increased 100% during the Sunday night the game was aired and 75% the day after, said Lynda Resnick, co-chair of Roll International, parent of the flower-delivery service.The company also monitored chatter among florists to see if customer were talking about the Super Bowl ad when they made orders.And, as E-Trade Chief Marketing Officer Nicholas Utton explains in this 10-minute video interview, it also quickly became an icon of the brand and spawned an ongoing series of new ads featuring the financially savvy toddler.NEW YORK (Ad Age.com) -- E-Trade's snarky baby became a national phenomenon behind its high-profile Super Bowl buy, and last year 19 million people surged on its website to see outtakes.

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Following the 2008 Super Bowl, for instance, brand awareness increased 11% between the fourth quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, and rose 3% after the 2009 contest between the fourth quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009.

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