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It wouldn't be fair to equate Giulio Andreotti, the disgraced but gracious former Italian prime minister, with Richard M. Nixon admitted to abuse of executive privilege; Andreotti admitted nothing.

Still, there's something Nixonian about the hubris of the figure nicknamed "the Black Pope" and "the Fox." Andreotti - at 90, still a senator after acquittals on charges of murder, corruption, and collusion with the Mafia - made no public confessions.

Sorrentino's Andreotti, therefore, is a religious martyr, political puppeteer, capo di tutti capi - a figure equally at home in church, Senate, or Cosa Nostra.

In its highly varnished visual style and highly polished dialogue, Il Divo suggests how the religious, political, and crime bureaucracies are alike - and enmeshed.

He merely shrugged to his prosecutors: "Except for the Punic Wars, I've been accused of everything." Andreotti's accusers remained suspicious: "He is so capable at everything that he seems capable of anything." This is precisely the point of filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino's Il Divo.

The flamboyantly entertaining portrait of the Anton Ego of Italian politics breezily indicts its subject of complicity in 236 murders.

"Radical unpredictability is terrifying when it’s the hallmark of a real world leader who possesses nuclear launch codes, but it’s mesmerizing in the hands of Sorrentino, Law, and the rest of this show’s stellar cast," she writes.

Style doesn't just trump substance here; it's the only substance has.

All in all, this phenomenal film illustrates Alexis de Tocqueville's observation that "The people get the government they deserve." In both meanings of the word, Il Divo is sensational. With Giorgio Colangeli, Giulio Bosetti, Piera Degli Esposti, Lorenzo Gioielli, Toni Servillo, Flavio Bucci, Alberto Cracco, Anna Bonaiuto, Paolo Graziosi, Carlo Buccirosso.

Director confirms biopic of former Italian premier.

Sorrentino frames his subject in the style of various Italian (and Italian American) masters.

Pierced with acupuncture needles, Andreotti is a human dartboard like Caravaggio's St.

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Producers will be regular Italian team Indigo Film.