Insight box isnt updating channels

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Insight box isnt updating channels

The next step is to setup the camera in the Images menu.

This is probably the area that changed most significantly in the look and style.

I was not able to get this to work with my NAS, but some people I talked to have.

I would expect them to iron out any bugs and have this working more consistently in a future firmware release. I mounted the camera with a 4mm lens in the usual spot, under the eave of my garage.

So much so that if you have lighting like I do here from a single street light and 2 porch lights you can just leave it in color day mode all the time.The second is when you chose 4:3 or 16:9 display format, it fits the entire image on the screen in a smaller size.In the older version of the firmware, it displayed it larger so you had to scroll.Also, it’s more compact looks gives it a more discrete look than a bullet.Like the Hikvision mini bullet and mini dome, this is a no-frills camera with a fixed lens, no SD card slot, alarm I/O or audio capabilities. If you are familiar with previous Hikvision cameras you’ll notice changes to the menus as this camera has the 5.1 firmware installed.

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