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In connection with the start of Amtrak service in May 1971, the company handpicked approximately 1,200 cars from a total pool of 3,000 held by the two dozen predecessor railroads that had handed over their passenger service obligations to Amtrak.

Many of these inherited cars wore various paint schemes, which is why these early years are sometimes referred to as Amtrak's "Rainbow Era." A lot of effort was put into modernizing the cars, as seen in this 1973 image of a refurbished dome-pub car, which had originally been built in 1947 by the Budd Company as an observation lounge for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad’s Twin Cities Zephyr (Chicago-Minneapolis).

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, as part of the Capstone Program to support the launch of Acela Regional service (later rebranded Northeast Regional), many of the Amfleet cars were refurbished at Amtrak’s Bear Shops in Delaware.

Electrical and mechanical systems were overhauled; wheels and running gear renewed; and luggage areas, flooring, walls, lighting and seats upgraded.

Blue accents in the headrest will appear in Business-class seating. This image shows the Silver Star passing through Norlina, N. In 1986 the route of the Silver Star (New York-Tampa-Miami) shifted eastward through Rocky Mount when the rail line through Norlina was abandoned.

From a peek into Amtrak's archives to a look at the world's most challenging rail trips to a preview of the Brightline service launching in Florida, we've collected our best train galleries. The depot in the photograph was subsequently torn down. 631, wearing the Amtrak Phase I paint scheme introduced in 1972. In 1976-77, RTL Turboliners were delivered to Amtrak for use on routes serving New York State, including the Empire Service(New York-Albany-Buffalo) and Adirondack(New York-Montreal).

This eye-catching striped material incorporating red, orange, blue and white was used in the new cars and later became standard for Amfleet.

The fabric was employed as early as 1979 on refurbished Metroliner cars.

The other food service cars had coach seating at one end and either tables (Amdinette) or additional coach seating (Amcafe) at the other end.In 1980, Amtrak ordered an additional 125 Amfleet coach cars and 25 lounge cars – known as Amfleet II – for use on long-distance overnight routes.They are similar in exterior appearance to their Amfleet I predecessors, but include only one vestibule and the coaches were modified on the interior for a more spacious layout.It featured roomy, individually reclining swivel parlor chairs; there was also a phone booth available to passengers.In her role, Saunders assisted customers on the train and listened to their complaints and compliments regarding Amtrak service. Here the eastbound North Coast Hiawatha (Seattle-Billings-Chicago) approaches the Bozeman Tunnel located in the Bozeman Pass between Bozeman and Livingston, Mont.

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All-reserved Club car service – known as Turboclub - featured spacious two-by-one seating, large windows, luxurious velour upholstery and a fold-down table and reading lamp at each seat. The streamlined E8s were originally manufactured by General Motors' Electro-Motive Division between 19.

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