Natalyas international dating service

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Natalyas international dating service

He later left Shannon as well, falling for Julie Madison, but kept in close contact with Erin.

Starting off in Tibet, he learned Kung-Fu from Shaolin monks.

One day, Bruce's faith in the GCPD was shattered when he believed Lieutenant Gordon to be corrupt and collecting bribes.

His curiosity getting the better of him, Bruce became traumatized after falling into a hole of bats in the caves under Wayne Manor, a forshadowing of his dark future.

Going to the theaters with his parents, Bruce's mother and father were shot by a mugger, dying shortly afterwards.

With only Gordon and Leslie Thompkins to console him, Bruce stopped growing up as a normal child, instead becoming introverted and enraged.

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His short stint in Brazil over, Bruce stopped in the former Yugoslavia before returning to Tibet on a stop to Japan to learn under Tsuenetomo.

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