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The Primera Cadena is Radio Fórmula's flagship network with its top-tier personalities and carriage across Mexico on several dozen affiliated stations, with programming from personalities including Maxine Woodside, Joaquín López-Dóriga, José Cárdenas and Eduardo Ruíz Healy. In the 1980s, it became XEAI-AM (a callsign now on 1470) and adopted several formats, such as tropical music and general music.The 1990s were the decade of Radio Fórmula's expansion across Mexico, which increased the group's national reach and influence.

Around this time the callsign changed as well, to XERFR-FM, and much like with AM, talk programming began to dominate, and from the late 1990s, XERFR-FM became the flagship FM station of Radio Fórmula airing its Primera Cadena.

In the 1950s, XEK-AM shipped its callsign to Nuevo Laredo, where it was picked up by 960 AM, then XEDF-AM.

In 1964, the name of the concessionaire became Radio Distrito Federal, a name also adopted by the station on-air in 1968.

During this era Radio Uno was considered an important station in the promotion of new subgenres of cumbia as well as grupera music.

In 2000, XEDF-FM became the keystone of Radio Fórmula's Segunda Cadena (or Cadena Radio Uno, as it was known for a time), with yet more news and talk programming.

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