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Watch luk erosa online dating

The cheliped of male is usually larger than that of female.

The carapace width of crabs varies from a few mm, like , to over 25cm such as the Australian giant crab (Pseudocarcinus gigas) found in deep waters.

Common mangrove dwelling gastropods include species have the closest relationship with mangroves.

They are always found crawling slowly, or adhering firmly, on the stems and foliage of mangroves where they extract plant cells, fungi and microalage from the surfaces.

Sesarmine crabs are usually small in size, with a carapace width of about 2-3 cm wide.

In particular, Brachyuran have a very high diversity here, with a rough estimation of some 300 species recorded (Lee & Leung, 1999).

The two common species are Nerita and Clithon are notable for their smooth, oval and variably patterned shells.

The mouth is characteristically semicircular with a calcareous operculum.

Crabs occur in a wide range of habitats from terrestrial to aquatic, and from freshwater to brackish water and seawater.

Many species of crabs are edible and some of them are of economic importance such as the members of Family Portunidae, including the famous 'mud crab' , is found in Hong Kong.

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According to the comprehensive record of brachyurans from the China seas by Dai & Yang (1991), a total of more than 800 species of marine brachyurans is found in China.

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